Anne Buchwald

I am a Clinical Pilates Instructor (CPI) and a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) with experience in pelvic health, outpatient orthopedics, chronic pain management, and home-care for post-hospitalization and medically complex patients. I received my doctorate from Columbia University over five years ago, but I have honed my skills for over 13+ years in Pilates, PT, bodywork, and fitness. In my free time, I am a drummer, but when I’m not working or practicing I have a wide range of interests: I enjoy dancing, skiing, reading, art projects, going to see live music, and studying Russian and Swedish. I am insatiably curious and enjoy keeping current about evidence-based physical therapy practices and relevant medical research. Given my love of the performing arts, I am a licensed physical therapist who offers private “backstage” physical therapy for touring performers. As a Clinical Pilates Instructor, I also offer concierge and private Pilates-based and manual-therapy based physical therapy services in New York City.


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