I do not work directly with health insurance companies.

If you have out of network benefits for physical therapy through your health insurance plan, you may be able to submit my bill for reimbursement.

Removing health insurance companies (and all of their rules and restrictions on care) from the equation means that I can give you the one-on-one attention you need to get better faster.

At a traditional clinic that accepts insurance, you will likely see the physical therapist just for a short time each visit and need to go multiple times per week for several months to get better.

My approach ensures that I have the time to listen to you, build a relationship of trust, understand the problem fully and empower you to take a leading role in your treatment.

This means you’ll need to see me for far fewer visits – saving both time and money – and ensures a better long term outcome. See an example of how this approach works below.


Real Treatment Example: Lower Back Pain


A patient with a $1500 deductible and a $60 co-pay is treated at a traditional clinic for chronic lower back pain. He goes three times a week for eight weeks before his condition improves (24 total visits). During each visit, he spends about 10 mins with the physical therapist. The rest of the visit is spent doing exercises on his own or with an assistant.

Total # of visits: 24

Total time spent with physical therapist: 240 minutes

Total cost: $2940

($1500 deductible + $1440 in co-pays for 24 visits)



We meet once for a 90 minute initial evaluation session, during which I conduct a thorough evaluation, make a diagnosis and design a comprehensive treatment plan. You then return for three 60 minute treatment sessions, where I utilize manual techniques to restore proper movement and teach you how to do the exercises you need to complete your recovery on your own.  During each session you have my undivided attention for the entire session. With this approach, you need to see me for just four sessions.

Total # visits: 4

Total time spent with physical therapist: 270 minutes

Total cost: $940

(One $250 evaluation session + three $230 treatment sessions)

If you have pain, especially with movement, it’s a good idea to see a physical therapist.

I am happy to assist you and will refer you to other specialists if needed.

Absolutely, I am happy to treat you in your own home. I will bring all of the necessary equipment, including a treatment table, with me.

No. According to New York state law, anyone can access a physical therapist without a referral via Direct Access.