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Ariel Osharenko


I am an Israeli born, Czech educated physical therapist who has called the US home since 2010. As an athlete myself, I have always been fascinated with the work of physiotherapists and sports performance professionals, who I credit with helping me become who I am today. Now it's my turn to dedicate my expertise to my clients. Read more About Me.

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Sports Performance Physical Therapy

I am a licensed physical therapist, offering in-home and on-demand sports physical therapy services in New York City.  Read more about my Approach and Services.

Don’t wait for weeks for an appointment at a traditional physical therapy clinic - contact me and schedule your first session today!


My Promise

I will direct my attention, expertise and hard work to help you achieve your goals. Whether it's returning to your favorite sport or being able to squat heavy weights, I promise to provide you with the best care and coaching possible.



I just finished a post knee surgery Physical treatment under the professional P.T. Ariel.
I found Ariel to be most accommodating, very professional and nice person. His knowledge of the human physics, muscle structure and their interaction with the parts of the body is amazing. He gave me both massages and exercises that lead to my complete recovery. It’s funny that I feel better on my knee that went through the surgery than my “healthy” knee. I strongly recommend Ariel.
— Michael
Ariel has always been a shining example of excellence. He has an incredible knowledge of the human body, how it works, how to develop it safely, and how to get the most out of your efforts. He is driven to learn and is always adding to his vast knowledge base. He also has a great deal of levity and knows how to keep things interesting and fun. He is also a great guy to hang with! If you get a chance to spend time with him outside of work, you will find his personality witty and quirky, always ready with some funny anecdote. He is quite motivational and will get you moving toward your goals at a breakneck speed.
— Wayne
I worked with Ariel Osharenko for about five months after surgery on my shoulder for a fracture (and five months of ineffective physical therapy somewhere else). Ariel is a brilliant trainer who knows exactly how hard to push you to get results, and how to get there in a way that is realistic to your lifestyle. I was at a point where I didn’t think I’d get my normal range of motion back, but with Ariel’s guidance, I did. He brought positive energy and confidence to each session, which helped inspire me to work hard. I can’t recommend him highly enough!
— Simone
Ariel is a keenly intelligent trainer who knows how to strike a balance between challenging his clients while at the same time ensuring their safety. As an aging athlete with a joint condition, I became stronger and was less susceptible to injury during my year+ that I had Ariel as my trainer. Highly, highly recommend.
— Jeannie


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